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Special machines for painting

Compact special machines, with multiple working stations in a single volume.

These machines are tailor-made for painting of plastic, metal and glass pieces with very complex cycles.

High automation, excellent repeatability ,reliability and monitorability of the process.

Productivity range from hundreds of thousands to millions of pieces per year.

Colorinside machine, for internal painting of glass bottles. 

Rotadrum machine for coating and drying of small metal or plastic pieces.

Shell machine, for painting, application of release products or other treatment of molds and concave parts.

Compact machine, super compact line designed with two-stage pretreatment, dry painting booth, ir flash off and uv curing.

Multicolor machine, equipped with 8 or more spray guns, each one for a different color.

Roundtable machine, round table for uv painting, zinc plating and with other paints for metal parts.